6 Perfumes Perfect For Hot Weather

6 Perfumes Perfect For Hot Weather

Not all fragrances are suitable to wear in hot weather. I'm talking about the sweet vanilla and caramel fragrances for women and those spicy, sweet, or woody fragrances for men. They can really get sticky on your skin which will make you uncomfortable.

Here is a list of 6 fragrances for those hotter days. Let's start with the ladies.

1. Incanto Charms by Salvatore Ferragamo

A yummy shower cream kinda scent. Passionfruit, rose, and jasmine. Try this if you still want some sweetness in your fragrance while smelling fresh and clean.

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2. Pure Poison by Dior

Clean and sexy. Freshness comes from floral and citrus notes. Very light but still long lasting.

3. Signorina in Fiore by Salvatore Ferragamo

Light,sweet and sparkly with clean and fresh undertone. Pomegranate and cherry blossom are the main players in this fragrance. The perfect nice, girly, fruity-floral fragrance for the hot days.

Now for the guys..

4. Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

One of the most popular in the fresh category for men. Citrus and aqua notes makes it so refreshing.

5. Davidoff Cool Water for Men

Sea water, mint, and lavender notes. A very humble and clean fragrance for men. Also a great value for your money.

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6. Dior Sauvage

Just check out the official video for this fragrance. Jonhy Depp is the face of this masculine fragrance and the scene takes place in a desert like setting.

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