7 Tips to choosing the right perfume (Malaysia)

7 Tips to choosing the right perfume (Malaysia)

Finding the right perfume is tough. Especially, the right perfume to wear in Malaysia.

Here are 7 tips to help you find that perfect fragrance for yourself or others.

#1 Preferred scent type

Perfumes can be categorized into common scent types. Knowing which category you most prefer is a good start as it will narrow down your choices.


These are the perfumes that smell like flowers. Common scents in this category are rose, lavender, jasmine, or orange blossom. More of a feminine scent type.


Usually consist of citrusy scent like lime, lemon, orange or the smell of water or the ocean breeze. Very refreshing kind of perfumes.


The smell of fruits. A little bit of sweetness, bright, and can also be refreshing.


Think of perfumes that smell of different spices or herbs like cinnamon, star anise and rosemary.


A little bit different than fruity. These are your sugary, candy, caramel, vanilla kind of sweet fragrances.


Woody and earthy scent. The smell of outdoors. May contain scents like sandalwood, oakmoss and amber.

You can learn about the types of scents in more detail using the Fragrance Wheel.

#2 For what occasion is the perfume for?

Subtle fragrances like floral or fresh fragrances are more suitable for the office environment. If you work outdoors, stronger fresh fragrances would be best.

Sweet, romantic or warm fragrances are more suitable as date night fragrances. Try to avoid fresh fragrances for close encounters as it can be sharp when get too close. 

#3 Weather and time of day

Temperature can either affect perfumes in a good way or a bad way. A sweet perfume under the hot sun can get sickening because the heat will amplify it. 

For cooler weather like night time or a rainy day, it's better to wear something sweeter and warmer as the scent stay close to your skin unlike fresh fragrances. 

Softer floral fragrances can be versatile and can be worn anytime.

#4 What's your personality?

Different scents will give off different impressions. If you are the sexy and seductive type, then fruity and sweet fragrances will fit you best.

Floral scents like roses are for the romantics. Fresh fragrances for the more energetic type.

As for the masculine guys, try going for woody fragrances with a mix of freshness. Fresh spicy for the serious professional guys. 

#5 Suits your age (or whatever you feel like)

In general, fruity and sweet scents give off youthful vibes. They are more popular with the younger audience.

There are no particular scents for the working age group, but for this group is usually the more famous designer brands because of the influence of the brands.

To give off a more mature vibe, go beyond fruity and sweet fragrances such as amber, jasmine, and woody scents.

#6 Recommendations from others

Ask friends or family what they are wearing that you like or what they recommend. 

Check out what other people are saying in the perfume community such as Fragrantica. But take it with a single grain of salt as reviews are biased and based on the person's specific situation.

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#7 Test, test, and keep testing

These tips will help you a lot but there is no perfect way to selecting the right fragrances for you.

The best way is to keep testing them until you find that perfect one. 

The most important thing is your perfume journey. 

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